RESTART WITH CALL UP – “It was something new we experienced”


It’s been over 200 days since President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the national Covid-19 Lockdown. It’s a long time for our local sports people to go without being able to train and play together. The vital role sport plays in supporting people’s physical and emotional health cannot be under-estimated, neither can it’s role in helping young people make positive life choices whilst confronting poverty, and the temptations of drugs and the gang.

Ashley Olivier is a local coach committed to bringing hope through sport to other young people in Valhalla Park on the Cape Flats. He established Ash’pirational Sport a few years ago as a vehicle for change in a community where opportunities and hope are often in short supply. He is one of numerous unsung community heroes who volunteer time to make a difference in their communities.

Last week, Ash’pirational Sport got the green light to return to training with strict measures in place. Olivier was keen to get this off on the right footing and began by presenting his players with a copy of Call Up and opened the session with one of the ‘Pre-Training’ prayers. “It’s something else to have a resource like this. I was amazed for the way the boys went into the session after the prayer and devotion. It was something new we experienced. It can only have a positive impact on the guys!”, commented Olivier. “I believe this book can do great things for our sports people.”

Olivier recently took the book with him on a morning hike of Lions Head after his night shift. “It’s not just a tool for me to use with my players. It’s impacting my life too, so I can be equipped to share with others.”

Bruce Nadin, National Director of Sports Chaplaincy South Africa who published Call Up said, “When we first embarked on this project we saw this primarily as a tool for High Performance and Elite sports people. However, we have been thrilled to see it being used so fruitfully at community level.”

To enquire about obtaining copies for your sports community please contact us via the Contact form on the message page or by email at

The resource is free but to help support this project please consider making a gift by clicking on the donate button.

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3 thoughts on “RESTART WITH CALL UP – “It was something new we experienced””

    1. Brilliant. The book was originally written with high performance sports people but it can work with youngsters. Where are you based? What is the name of the club? What ages? How many would you require?
      Please send an email to with the above info plus your name, cell number and nearest Postnet for delivery.
      The resource is free but if you can make a donation that will help cover distribution costs.

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